At ONEMETH, everything we do is informed by our desire to create. We design and manufacture creative goods for creative people.

Unestablished since 2014, ONEMETH was founded by Amin Todai and his team at OneMethod, a digital + design studio based in Toronto, Canada. Today, it keeps pushing convention and comfort with Creative Director Jonathan Shimoni and his dedication to locally sourced, locally manufactured, fabric.  We are dedicated to bringing things together, starting from less than scratch, and all things that involve any aspect of creativity. The people we work with and for are just the same.

In terms of the goods, our focus lands on clothing designed for people like us, people who place comfort and function above all else. Although, we have been know to produce all sorts of goods. And in terms of our approach to quality, we've spent over a decade injecting painstaking detail and care into an infinite number of design challenges and we plan to do just the same for every single item that ONEMETH designs, develops, and ships.